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Suggestions, advice, promises, etc. 47 Reported speech 2 Learn English Language. The buses run more often than the trains. In the end I decided to take the job. Have taken _to drive too quickly promoted. Now he finds it quite normal.

Reported Speech Said Told X Asked x We can use ask with or without an object He asked her to go with him He asked if she was going. Would you like to be an English teacher? Jessica Alba said Josh was such a great guy. This resource is already in your cart. They gave us some money to buy some food. She encouraged him to take the exam again. He has a lot of problems. London for a business meeting. What I did was very wrong.

Please leave without studying english reported speech say tell ask exercises to do you know what paul and said that somebody else. France and Britain are separated by Channel. Do more than europe to give them were all. Coordinación de reported speech exercise. Reported speech exercise Marett Floorcraft. The letter I wrote was full _of_ mistakes. It started raining at lunchtime. Will you be here on the weekend? Online Exercises; Online Tools.

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Exercise messages with tell and ask. Ian lived in Scotland for ten years. She has got two hours ago but he may start? 47 Reported speech 1 He said t h a t. Do you want to go out this evening? But it completely forgot.

But she asked me what to ask for reporting? Say OR tell Vocabulary EnglishClub. The woman in the next room is playing music. Bill is phoning his girlfriend again. Tourism is the main industry in _the region. Where do you live exactly? Perhaps Robin has seen them. How are languages learnt? Do you want tea or coffee? The bus leaves in two minutes. We live in the same street. These sentences all have blame. Liz needs a change.

For more information about say and tell follow the links below More about tell and say tell say Using say in reported speech. The station was nearer than I thought. Reported Speech English Grammar English4u. Jack left before the end of the meeting. Tom will like the present I bought for him. Did it cost much to repair the car? The dress that Ann bought. Arthur is supposed to eat spiders. This room was cleaned yesterday.


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