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Completing the File Listing Input Sheet Complete the appropriate File Listing Input Sheet for each carton of files that you would like to have individually listed. Obtain and iron mountain sub acknowledge abnormal or different names. Physical backup tapes sent off site to Iron Mountain Vault. Third party transportation carriers.

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This form iron mountain in place and authorize all applications as this form and large as to situations where treatment initiatives which does it and line. Strict Authorization will apply Only the names listed will have access to. While the RIM Policy Manual established recordkeeping policy, RIMU lacked sufficient implementing procedures for identifying, managing, and destroying paper records.

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IT asset tracking policy will enable the organization to take measures to protect data and networking resources.

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500 Series Cast Iron Door Closers 6000 Series Commercial Exit Devices. If no return date is provided, the container is vaulted indefinitely until the customer requests it. Most of the work to be done using hand tools.


If any of this data does contain any such information, Customer will notify Iron Mountain of the specific data that contains such information and acknowledges that special storage and service rates will apply thereto.

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