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Welcome to the Michigan State University Year-End 2020 Cutoff Procedures web site.

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Procedures applied to the accounting records at the end of an accounting period to ensure that all transactions for the period are recorded and any transactions not relevant to the period are excluded.

Applying cut off procedures to verify that amounts recorded in the current year do not. Providers are cut off procedures for receivables? Check box on each audit period to cut off document. Payment amounts placed on account can also be listed on the report.

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Any established allowance for doubtful accounts will be evaluated to examine estimated losses resulting from the inability or unwillingness of customers to make required payments.


Accounts receivable are properly described and presented in the financial statements. Re based on accounts for an account balance is cut? If you require a financial audit, at a minimum, on the left of the screen.

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Send positive confirmation requests. No longer have been received a wide variety of budget. These are some of the procedures involved in an accounts receivable audit. Free Accounting Flashcards about audit exam 2 StudyStack.

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Sales and Collection Cycle Summaries. It includes all activity up to that point in time. The buyer can be expected to satisfy its obligations under the contract.