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There are, of course, negative consequences to failing a college course. Second, dropping a required class could mean you need to retake it during the summer or risk not graduating on time. Will likely involve more sites are not show how much.

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Proactive communication between student and teacher is critical in this instance.

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Health Center fee, Student Center fee, ASCC Student ID Card, or student parking permit if you drop a course after the semester starts or as of the first day of summer session or short course.

Undergraduate students who enroll in the same course more than twice will be charged additional tuition amounts.

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Students are added to official course sites at the same time as instructors, but cannot access the course site nor receive course communications from the instructor until the course is published.

Students on academic probation are not allowed to change disciplines. Yes, you are able to go for a walk with a friend under the current restrictions as long as you abide by social distancing. What do I have to do to register to graduate?

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But professors can tell a lazy student from a genuinely confused one, and the difference is the split between a professor who wants to see you succeed and a professor who just wants to see you leave.

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