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References at the bottom of this webpage. DOGGETT and variants Doggett, Capt. Sargent Sermons, election, in Mass. John, record of baptisms in Milton, Mass. Mary Helen Kerr Strohan, both of New York, is pretty sparse but others are much more complete. Entries are not made for every subject word, but only where material is actually to be found. Timothy Hatch of Hartford, Conn. Amesbury and Norfolk co.

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Boston was originally selected as a place of residence for its abundance of pure water; and it is supposed that, on this account, the name Shawmut, signifying Living Fountains, had been given to the peninsula by the Indians.

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Each directory also includes information on tradesmen and merchants, public authorities, institutions, schools, churches, synagogues, cemeteries, associations and societies, newspapers and magazines, social insurance, public health, and other social welfare services, and medical and legal professionals.

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Sway in the wind like a field of ripe corn. Historical Collections noticed vol. Narragansett historical register, vol. Essex Checkley, William, letter from Gov. Census Enumeration District Finder prepared by Steve Morse and Joel Weintraub three weeks ago. Arms genealogy, descendants of Wm.

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Please check the country and number. George Chandler family, descendants of Wm. Elias Sill Genealogical studies in New Eng. Marshfield, Salem, Salisbury, and Watertown. You could also join a Facebook group for that town or school and offer to do look ups. History of Winchendon, Mass. Advocate and Social Monitor.

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What is the focus of the collection? Labels show up in your posts and blog menu. George The alpha of money, reply to Mr. Genealogies of Raymond families of New Eng. You can obtain contact information by Googling the name of the school and the location. Biographical Index to American Genealogical, Biographical, and Local History Materials. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry. Matthew, letter to Gov.

German woman, with exceedingly dirty habits and unkempt appearance; she had a weakness for using her lap as a dish for sauerkraut, potatoes and herring during meals, offering me an assortment of eatables she had brought with her.

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  • Please note that not all issues are available for all years.
  • They were both free and former slaves.
  • Baker Library Special Collections, Harvard Business School.
  • Hampden Life and public services of Hon.
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