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Proposals give a final price that cannot be exceeded regardless of what happens during the project.

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Part of fair dealing is understanding that mistakes happen, reasonable delays may occur and compromises may be necessary. An offer capable of forming the basis of a contract must specifically state its essential terms. Deliver only new materials to the job site.

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It is solely the Contractors responsibility to investigate the existing utilities prior to bidding the work to ensure the bid proposal is complete and includes all required work and costs.

Most manufacturers guarantee their materials but this does not mean that the labor for replacement is included.

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The City will not knowingly award contracts for goods or services to any Contractor in arrears to the City for any debt, claim, demand, or account whatsoever, including taxes, penalty or interest.

If you are borrowing money to finance a home improvement project, this information is very important: Whenever payment for a home improvement contract is secured by an interest in residential real estate, the contract is required to contain additional information.

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As mentioned in this report, there are voluntarycertification programs and apprenticeshipsoffered by the RSMA and other contractors.

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Contractor shall comply with and give notices required by applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, codes, rules and regulations, and lawful orders of public authorities applicable to performance of the Work.

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RETURN OF PROPOSAL SECURITYAll Proposal Security in the form of checks, except those of the two lowest selected Offerors, will be returned immediately following the opening and evaluationof the Proposals.

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District Staff Contacts during the Proposal process: Firms interested in submitting a Proposal are directed not to make personal contact with the Board of Trustees, District staff, or members of the evaluation committee.

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