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Encourage passengers to avoid touching their faces and to cough or sneeze into a tissue, or into their arm if a tissue is not available.

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Advise passengers on the relevant requirements for wearing a face covering, and that if they are unable to observe social distancing they should take measures such as washing their hands frequently, avoiding touching surfaces and facing away from others.

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Thanks and keep it up! Free custom printable boarding pass invitation templates. Without the boarding pass, you might be denied entry into different concourses at the airport. Subscribe and get a free business trip packing list!

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There is also the risk of a network breakdown when you are waiting to be served, and so many other challenges that you can avoid when you check in online and print your boarding pass before you come to the airport.

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Airport operators should consider configuring the physical space to encourage social distancing, where possible, and to discourage people from walking around and mixing with people who they do not normally meet.

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This guidance addresses commercial passenger and freight aviation, business aviation, and some aspects of general aviation.

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