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Student must provide a copy of the Bursar paid receipt to the office of Student Accountability and Advocacy. Given the potential damages for a willful violation, it is important to consider how the infringement occurred. Copyright Infringement Notices from your ISP, Worried? If students is what is?

If the identity of the alleged infringer cannot be determined, the CTS network analysts will leave the network block in place and notify the ISC and the designated agent.  


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One of the primary considerations you or your company must make upon receipt of a copyright infringement notice is the defenses you or your company may have to the claim for infringement.

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Through the Notice Forwarding System, Verizon will send to the Subscriber a warning communication detailing the alleged copyright infringement as reported by the copyright owner and advising the Subscriber of the potential consequences of continued alleged infringing activity.


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In addition, purchasing a music CD generally does not give you the right to distribute or share the songs on it. The surest way to avoid copyright problems is to take the photo, create the image or write the copy yourself. If you have a copyright infringement notice is a dmca or their view, you do not use. All finished in a flash!


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